EscceGlof 18E12G010 Black Casual Shoes

EscceGlof 18E12G010 Black Casual Shoes

1, EscceGlof 18E12G010 Black Casual Shoes made in China.

2, EscceGlof is our registered sports brand.

3, EscceGlof sports shoes original new designs.

4, EscceGlof Independent sneakers developed center.

5, EscceGlof build own sports shoes production lines.

6, EscceGlof professional inspectors assure quality control.

7, EscceGlof love worldwide sneaker sales agent.

8, OEM and ODM services are welcome.

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EscceGlof 18E12G010 Black Men Casual Shoes Made In China

We need a pair of simple yet comfortable yet warm shoes for winter. These high-top shoes are perfect for you.The upper is made of PU material to create a smooth upper with breathable leather added on the side to let your feet vent and breathe freely. The simple upper highlights its uniqueness through different colors.The latex insole is breathable and soft, which also makes you comfortable.Who said winter can’t come to a comfortable and fashionable feast, we can.

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